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Electrical Engineering and Design
Harmonic Analysis

Harmonic Analysis is a branch mathematics that studies the representation of functions or signals as the superposition of basic waves.  Today's Electrical Power Systems are connected to many non-linear loads, (these include Static Power Converters, Arc Discharge Devices, Electronic Control Equipment by Semiconductor Devices, Saturated Magnetic Devices, and Rotating Machines).  The sinusoidal nature of these non-linear loads results in the flow of "Harmonic Currents".  If harmonics are neglected, it is possible that resonance at some generated harmonics between power factor improvement capacitors and source inductance may lead to larger oscillating currents and consequently high harmonic voltage.  These huge voltages and currents can cause additional system losses, breakdown of equipment insulation, capacitor fuse melting, errors in metering and protective relays.

By doing a Harmonic Study we can identify where high levels of harmonic voltages or currents are present and decide whether the harmonics pose a potential hazard to the Electrical System and what steps need to be taken to suppress the harmonics.

American Power Grid, LLC offers these studies to get your Power Distribution System operating at its maximum potential safely and accurately.  As always, we at American Power Grid, LLC pride ourselves in being tops at Power Distribution Services.  Quality of work and safety are our primary concerns.




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