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Infrared Thermography Scanning - Saves Money!

An Infrared Scan program has the potential to save your organization considerable amounts of money as well as optimize equipment operation.  American Power Grid, LLC offers Infrared Scanning to find possible problems with your Electrical System.  Infrared Scanning or Thermal Imaging has evolved into a valuable diagnostic tool for Preventative Maintenance.  By detecting anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, thermography allows corrective actions to be taken before Electrical Systems fail.

Don't Let These Be Your Breakers

Here is a case in which a Major Steel Company discovered a significant temperature rise in one of its 69kv breakers.  Had the problem gone undetected it would have cost the company $50,000 an hour in lost time due to shutdown.

As you can tell from the thermal pictures below, that by simply looking at the breakers or terminals one cannot tell that anything is wrong.  However, an Infrared image reveals a different story.  There are certain spots that are much hotter than others.  This could be due to a loose lug which would most definitely cause "Arching" that in turn, WILL damage the entire system.

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