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Electrical Engineering and Design
Short Circuit Studies

Short Circuit Studies are performed in order to determine the magnitude of current flowing throughout the Power System at critical points during various time intervals after a "fault" occurs. These calculations are required for determining the interrupting ratings of your equipment and the coordination of protective relays, circuit breakers and fuses.

A Short Circuit Study is fundamental to ensuring maximum system operations.  Far too often Electrical Systems go through changes without serious considerations of short circuit levels or equipment ratings. Even newly constructed buildings or installations are not immune.  The results can be expensive at best, disastrous at worst.  Fault levels vary from system to system and location to location.  It is a matter of "when", not "if" a fault will occur.

A Short Circuit Study does 5 things:

  • Develops a computer model of the electrical system
  • Calculates maximum fault levels at various locations
  • Evaluates the application of breakers and fuses
  • Identifies problem areas in the system
  • Provides recommended solution




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