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Electrical Power Distribution Services
Substation Testing and Maintenance

American Power Grid, LLC has extensive experience in substation operations, modifications and upgrades.  Our firm is uniquely able to service our customers at their facilities with
on-site preventative maintenance and circuit breaker repair, testing and replacement, on-site installation, start-up services as well as disaster and recovery operations of substations.

Testing and maintenance for substations such as:

  • High & Low Voltage Switches
  • Painting and Protective Coating
  • Relays, Metering & Cables (HI-POT)
  • NETA , NFPA, IEEE Acceptance & Proof Testing


Power Transformers are the central elements of power supply networks.  An unplanned failure usually causes considerable additional costs for the network operators.  Thus, it is in the best interest of network users and operators to regularly check the state of these essential elements.         American Power Grid, LLC can thoroughly inspect any and all kinds of transformers.  Dry as well as liquid filled with such tests as:

Dry as well as liquid filled with such tests as:

  • Power factor
  • Capacitance
  • Winding Resistance and Biddle Transformer Terms Ratio (TTR)
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Various Oil Analysis (for liquid filled transformers)
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